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StairMaster draws any size single, double, triple, or multiple-landing stair you pick from the StairMaster dialog.

StairMaster defaults to a multi-use variable set.
You can edit, save and delete your own stair data-sets, and save the data for later use!

Complete control of all materials, sizes and connections!

Pan or bolted treads (even a built-in, "Custom Pan Designer" dialog).

Now you can see the co-relation between multiple floors, and the minimum stair-well size for the current stair settings, and clearances between stringers, before you draw them!
(quick "on the fly adjustments", fits the stair to your stair-well size!)

Check-out these 3D-drawings created from a set of StairMaster drawings.

Seamless integration with RailMaster (railing for stairs drawn parametricly)
(RailMaster sold separately)

Includes: Single, double, triple or multiple landing stair systems.
Stringer can be draw by itself (for erection drawings), or fully dimensioned, with all hardware and misc. details in a shop drawing with a complete B.O.M. (also includes pan, header, and bottom clip details), in seconds...

Multiple-stairs are drawn with an elevation & plan erection drawing, along with shop drawings of each stringer!


Option #10


Draws stairs in an elevation, plan, and/or shop drawing.




Program output:


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