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Drawing stairs has never been so easy. Even if you have never drawn a stair before, you can draw them with ease using StairMaster. This program was developed with the new detailer in mind. Fast & simple... the DansMark way.

User has full control of the model. Design one floor at a time and use the information entered again & again for designing multiple stairs.

See what you are designing as you design the stair system(s).

User picked steel shapes. (User controls shape functions)

Draws thousands of different stair assembly combinations. (All user controlled)

Program will: (up to 25 floors)

  1. Draw elevation(s) (Cut through middle).
  2. Draw plan view(s) of each stair section.
  3. Produce a shop drawing of each stringer and landing. (Elevation & plan view)
  4. Title block with complete B.O.M included for each stringer section.
  5. Draws most straight stair systems.
  6. Single Example (no landing) Time = 20 seconds

    Single Example (with landing) Time = 20 seconds

    Double Example (with middle & top landing) Time = 20 seconds

    Triple Example (with two middle landings & top landing) Time = 20 seconds

    Multiple Cut-back Example #1 (w/ landing, to existing landings) Example #2 (w/ landing at top) (Multiple landings - up to 25 floors) (Any Size landings) (More floors available - contact DansMark for more information) Time = 30 seconds ea.

  7. Works with RailMaster to create guardrail systems that fit these stairs.

  8. Checkout these streaming flash videos of StairMaster:

    #1=Startup - How StairMaster works. (size=3,868 kb)

    #2=Stringer setup - How Stringer setup works. (size=3,016 kb)

    #3=Tread setup - How Tread setup works. (size=2,7343 kb)

    #4=Landing setup - How Landing setup works. (size=3,487 kb)

    #5=Railing setup - How Railing setup works. (size=7,225 kb)

    #6=Data sets - How Data sets work. (size=2,589 kb)

    #7=Drawing Multiple Stair Systems - drawing multiple-stair-systems. (size=unknown kb)

    Check-out these 3D-drawings created from a set of StairMaster drawings.


(This background drawing was produced in conjunction with RailMaster)

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