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StairMaster will draw all your Stairs for you.

It is so... easy!
Anyone can do it!

Now, you can draw stairs to your standards quickly and easily.
With the optional RailMaster (purchased separately), railings are parametricly drawn to fit the stair.

There are lots of options to choose from, while determining the proper stair to use.
StairMaster defaults to the "most widely used" data. Making it easy to change only what is needed to quickly produce elevation & shop drawings.

Also, you can Save, Edit & Delete stair data sets, making it easy to use & change your favorite settings.

Each stair produces a fully functional shop drawing, complete with a full B.O.M.

Choose from 11 different stair types (Some stair types can be used in conjunction with each other).
There are "Single", "Double", "Triple", and "Multiple" stair types available to choose from.

The "current data text display" lets you know what is currently ready to be drawn!
No more guessing if multi-story stairs will work (see the co-relationship between stringers before you draw them!).

Options 8-9 & 10-11, will create erection drawings and shop drawings on the fly!

Whether you provided the landing, or a landing is already provided, StairMaster will quickly produce the draw(s) for you.

StairMaster enables you to draw an erection drawing first (if needed, to make sure it fits where intended), then create a shop drawing w/ a full B.O.M., quickly and easily!

Stair #1 (single) is used between a f.f. and a "provided landing".

Click, pick starting point & draw!
It's that easy!

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This release (v2.2.0.0) has lots of options not shown in this demo.

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