StairMaster Updates

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(2-15-13) New Millennium Railings auto-drawn with StairMaster! Multi-floor, Automatic Stair Railings!
Picket-Railing sample.,    Glass (w/top & bottom rail) Railing sample.,    Glass (w/Clips) Railing sample.,    Mesh-Railing sample1.,    Mesh-Railing sample2.,    Mesh-Railing sample3.

Update (9-26-12):
Here's a Sneak-Peek video of the updated StairMaster using Sloped-Railing-Designr to automatically add the railings!
  Imagine 5 floors of stairs & railings in under 2 minutes! (even with each floor height different from the rest)
That's 1 master elevation drawing (includes railings and plan-views of each floor).
5 elevation drawings (each of them also includes the railings and plan-view of each floor)
20 stringer/landing shop drawings!  (This includes Pan Details, Clip Details, landing header details and a full b.o.m.. Many other items being developed so check back often!)
10 stringer-railing shop drawings!
10 wall-rail shop drawings!
And 2 submittal drawings for the railings!  (portions still under construction)
(Check back often for additional submittal drawings being added!)
That's 48 drawings total!

Update (8-8-12):
Here's a Sneak-Peek video of the updated StairMaster

Update (7-29-12):
Now Updating StairMaster.
StairMaster draws the Erection Elevation & Plan-views of stairs systems, including Elevation Shop-Drawings, and B.O.M.'S (Bill-Of-Materials).
Many stringer-to-landing connections to choose from.
Designs most common types of stair applications quick & easy!
Auto-modes and save-configuration features, also complete Help-Systems too!
StairMaster Webpage
Grating or pan-concrete systems on-the-fly.
A must have for multi-floor stairwell systems!