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DansMark Window&Door-Design'r v2.0

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  Window&Door-Design'r is a New Program from DansMark Software Solutions!

Window&Door-Design'r creates 2D drawings, of windows & doors, using YOUR cast-stone profile-shapes, or select one of the default shapes from the drop-down-list.

  The program gives the user a wide variety of options!
1) The size can be defined by adjusting the slider-controls, or manually picked by selecting the MANUAL-PICK toggle.

2) The clearance of the surround from the window/door edge, is also adjustable.

3) Select the shape from the drop-down list.

4) If the shape is not in the available drop-down list, selecting the ADD button allows the user to add their own shapes to the data-file.

5) The sill toggle allows adding a sill to the window, selecting the ADD button allows the user to add their own shapes to the data-file.

6) The grout divider-lines, are also fully adjustable. Just pick from the available sizes.

7) The surround segments are fully adjustable too, the top is independently adjustable from the sides.

8) The program creates attributes for the top, sides, and sill (if used), and can be used to create a B.O.M. from each window/door design. Extraction of the attribute yields the shape, length, what the shape was used for, and the quantity of sizes being used.

9) Name the Window or Door. The program creates a Front-view & Top-view of the window/door, and creates a block of each. This helps the user place replicated window/door sizes to new locations, quickly.

10) Now add Keystones and/or Medallions.

11) This version allows the user to see the surround profiles, the sill, and the sill profiles the user has stored in the user-data. Cycle through all your profiles until you select the one to use.



Creates 2D Window & Door drawings, with 2 views.




Program output:

 Elevation, plan, & shop drawings.

 2 Window/Door styles

 Use to create a B.O.M.


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