Would you like to make some extra CASH?...         DMSS will give you $10.00 for each person you sign-up for Drawing2Lisp_Converter!...         That's $100.00 for every 10 people you sign!...         They have to verify who you are to be eligible for your rewards...

Please note:
  The software you request is registration code LOCKED.
After purchase, you must register the software before DansMark will issue your unlock code.
To watch a video on "How to Install DansMark Software", Click here this will explain the process.
(Very simple & easy!)

  You must 1st purchase a licence to download any Software directly from DansMark Software Solutions.
After download, double-click on the .zip file to extract the contents.
Install to the default directory it asks for.
  Another .exe will install during the initial installation process (This is the .lsp installation).
Run AutoCAD and load the .lsp program (make sure to read the Readme.txt included), a registration dialog will ask you to register (MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER THE .LSP)
I know this is an inconvenience, but I'm protecting my hard work!
(If you're one of the honest people you will understand!)

This is the link for Drawing2Lisp_Converter & D2LC School

Please Note:
  All your information is confidential and used to verify who you are (for software licensing), and isn't used for any other purpose.
This info will not be given to any other party "for any reason" (unless your copy is "cracked" and re-distributed, then you are liable for any damages).
So please keep it in a safe place...