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Please Note: These are MY inventions, not yours!
Don't steal my hard work, try using your brains for GOOD, not evil!

Blind Squirrel Billiards
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I'm an avid pool player & amature inventer.
I have many inventions I've created to help players make balls easily.
I've got a few inventions that will help your game dramaticly!
There's really nothing to playing pool, you just have to "learn" how to play correctly.

I want YOU to become all the pool player you can be!
Don't let the "hater's" tell you my products won't help your game, they're just jealous because they have no imagination and don't have the brain facilities for invention.
If you let me, I will increase your skill level by 2-3 levels from where your at now.
Your game "is about to change..."
After my training if they ask "Got game?"     just show them...

My Billiard Products

About Blind Squirrel's Ring:
I wrote this app to keep score of Ring Games.
Got tired of hunting pencil & paper down all the time.
0) Almost all text act as a button, pick it and something will open/display/change.
1) 2 Main pages (Main page & Game page).
2) User's can play with up to 10 players (newly added players are saved to Data).
3) 3 ways to add players (Type, Speech & Data).
4) 3 money balls can be used, but defaults to 2 (5 & 9). A Cue-Ball is shown for the 3rd ball until changed.
5) There are 2 types of Money, Dollars & Cents (defaults to Dollars).
6) Help System that users can toggle back & forth from Main to Game page (Game uses the phone's "Back" button).
7) Cashout. Winnings shown in 2 places for all players, in both Main & Game pages.
8) Reset Game. Start the same game over (to add additional players using #3 above).
9) Reset Players. Erase all players and start over (using #3 above).
10) Cashout List. Main & Game lists (on Main page, pick "winner" to display results).

  When users add a player to the Ring Game (and after a "Cashout" occurs), the player is added to the player-name data.
Users can change the Money-Type (Dollars or Cents), the Money-Ball and the Money for each ball (Balls are 1-15 & Money is 1-99).

  To start a game, simply add players, then start picking Who makes the money balls, by 1st picking the money-ball, then the player who made the ball.
The money is added to each player's total until a "Cashout" occurs.
The player that has the highest total amount of money turns RED (this easily shows who's in the lead).
After a "Cashout" occurs, the other players are shown in 2 different areas.
    a) At the bottom of game screen in the "Cashout List" (in yellow). Simply "pick", and all players except the winner is shown. Select a player an a popup will display who that player owes and how much.
    b) In the main screen (where the shark image is diplayed), select the "Winner" text to display the "Cashout" screen, where all the players and who they owe is shown.

Please Note:
Hate'rs are going to read whatever they want to into all this!
Don't believe everything you hear, use your brains and find the answers for yourself!

Send me an email if you would like to try my products.
You'll be able to order any of my inventions from this website.
If you give me a chance, I'll make a great player of you.

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