Sloped Railing Design'r Updates

As time permits, DMSS will be adding any updates to this page.


Sloped-Railing-Designer.lsp add-on will be available soon!

It's finally here too:
Sloped-Railing-Designr.lsp website & download page
Baseplate Designr added! Sneak Peek Video #2
Profile-Desingr added! (2-26-12)
Picket-Railing-Desingr (picket channel) added! (3-2-12)
Rise/Run Calculator added! (3-21-12)
Now users can Calculate the Rise & Run from the Degree and Slope-Length you measure in the field!
Stacked Steel Font_Converter added! (4-13-12)
This is a powerful Steel-Font Converter that changes any Architectural text into steel stacked text instantly.
(changes fonts all at once, no having to pick selection-sets)
Completely customizable, add your own stacked fonts to the program!