Custom Railing Design'r Updates

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Stop! Hold the presses!
Take a look at this "Video Sneak Peak" of a NEW program that auto-draws custom railing AS FAST AS YOU CAN THINK!
Now you'll be able to detail up to 3,600 3,000 (added a few extra's to slow it down!) railings & shop drawings per hour!!!
Impossible you say? (you must be from the swamp!)
Take a look for yourself!

Custom-Railing.lsp Sneak-Peek Video (plan-view)
Custom-Railing.lsp Sneak-Peek3 Video (dialogs) Updated 8-13-2011, 8-16-2011 8-17-2011 (11:00am) 8-17-2011 (9:00pm)
Custom-Railing.lsp Sneak-Peek4 Video (layer control) New Video!
Custom-Railing.lsp Sneak-Peek5 Video (Post above rail & Master-data sets) New Video #2!
Custom-Railing.lsp Sneak-Peek6 Video (Longer Than Maximum-Length Railings 30'-0"+) New Video #3!
(All entities in Custom-Railing.lsp was first converted using Drawing2Lisp_Converter.lsp, see the download above)
If enough interest is generated, I will include arc'd and sloped railings in the next version!
Added: Export The BOM to Excel. (1-25-12)

Update: (3-18-12)
  Add your own title-block to the programming data!
Model-Space or Paper-Space tabs, it's up to you!
When you add your title-block to the data it becomes the default title-block!
You can add:
A-size (8.5x11 both Portrait & Landscape)
B-size (11x17 both Portrait & Landscape)
C-size (22x17)
D-size (36x24)
E-size (44x33)
F-size (33x21)

Using Title-Blocks with the Railing programs!

It's finally here:
Custom-Railing-Designr.lsp website & download page

Sloped-Railing-Designer.lsp add-on will be available soon!
Check out the video on the Custom-Railing-Designr website (above)!
(Check back often for the release!)  (New Video Update 12-23-11)
Also... Added: Export The BOM to Excel. (1-25-12)

New Update! (4-24-12):
Free-Form added to Custom-Railing-Designr's Auto-Mode!
Now users can use any degree they want in Auto-Mode, producing shop drawings as fast as they can pick 2 points (any angle needed!)
See the Custom-Railing-Designr webpage for the video! (Now users have even more detailing power!)