Railing-Designer Price List:

Railing Program:
  I'm selling the railing program "as is".
Registered users that bought copyrights can "modify it to suit your needs".
  Users can draw Plan-Views of flat, sloped & stair railings to any angle while parametrically drawing the Annotated Elevation-Views.
Or enter the lengths on the command-line.
Picket rails are the default railings.
A Stair program was added so users can drawn stairs, then automate the railings on them.

Pricing is Modified for a limited time! (See RED explination below).

  Copyright users can add programming to include glass, cable or horizontal infield to the shop drawings manually if you need them.
As I stated in the video(s), what ever you need can be added to this program...

The base price is $200.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $800.)
(Includes: User can Enter or Pick the lengths of each railing.)

Module #1: Data-Sets.
$300.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $1,000.00)

Module #2: Sloped.
$500.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $2,000.00)

Module #3: B.O.M..
$300.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $1,000.00)

Module #4: Stair4U.
$500.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $2,000.00)

Module #5: Grab-Rails.
$500.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $2,000.00)

Module #6: Wall-Rails.
$500.00 (#1 copyrights below, #2 is $2,000.00)

Totals thus far:
1) Licenced Version = $2,300.00
2) Your Copyright Version = $8,800.00

As an introduction to DMSS, all the modules have been included in Rails4U for $1,000.00!
Copyrighted versions are $3,000.00!

Download your Demo copy today!

A word about software:
  My software is my copyrighted material.
I'll sell you a "user version" of mine or a copyright version that becomes yours.
1) Mine, only I can modify the programming for anything you need (encrypted and protected by my software locking system).
2) Yours, can be modified by anyone of your choosing (un-encrypted, and un-protected).

Please note:
  My software locking system requires users to register their version.
A software un-lock code will be issued after registration (don't share this with employees, and keep it in a safe place).
#1 (above) has 2 modes of software locking capabilities.
a) Installs 1 time on a single computer, and won't install again on another computer.
      (This method protects your investment, employees that leave your company can't steal you software.)
b) Installs multiple times, on many computers.
    (This method also protects your investment similar to #a above, but CAN be stolen by employees and used on many other computers even though they can't modify anything)

As long as Visual Basic (VB) is present on the user's computer, this software protection will work.
I have to create an installation program to install the software (if option #1 is used).
How to Register DMSS Software