DansMark Weld Configurator

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Weld Configurator is a lisp routine that that will calculate welds several different ways.

1st way:  Enter a kip load to find the approximate lengths of multiple size welds.
Then place the cursor into a weld size field and press enter to get the actual kip-load for that weld length.  (see sample at left)

2nd way:  Enter a length into any size weld, the kip load is the result.  (see sample at left)

3rd way:  After entering the length needed in the weld size field, check the real check-box, then pick the total amount of individual welds, to find the actual kip-load for multiple welds.  (see sample at left)

At any time after the weld calculation is done, you can change electrode sizes to see the load & length for the new electrode.

Min. Plate Size, Min. Plug Size & Thicker Part size displayed as weld sizes change.
Including a full help sensitive dialog (click help after placing cursor into any field).

Calculates welds based on the AISC Detailing For Steel Construction Manual (1983 edition)



Find weld sizes & kip loads fast.




Program output:





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