DansMark Wall-Rail Detailer v1.1.0

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Wall-Rail Detailer is a lisp routine that draws Wall-Rails left or right, fast & easy.

Includes these User Controlled Variables:
Tread rise
Tread run
Bottom rail distance
Bottom bracket offset from end of rail
Top rail distance
Top bracket offset from end of rail
Rail height
Bracket spacing

Also, the leaders w/ annotation & the slope call-out, adjusts themselves so they don't overlap anything.
There is also a built-in "setup" function, so user can quickly use their default sizes, over & over again without having to enter them each time.
Keeps track of the bracket & lag bolt/screw quantities!

Be sure to change the .axe to .exe
Downloadable Wall-Rail Detailer Demo program.
(See "Download" at left-side)



Setup Video


Draws pipe Wall Rails for a shop drawing.




Program output:

 Elevation & shop drawing.

 No Title block

 No B.O.M.


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