DansMark StrutMaster 3D v1.0.0

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StrutMaster 3D is a complex lisp routine that draws any size rectangle & pipe tubing, strut connection, using knife & end-plate connectors.
Draws in 3D only.

Great for arch'd & straight truss connectors!

Draws the strut & connections in 3D, with self aligning OrientationMaster. All struts have multiple connections to choose from.
Powerful 3D modeling Automation!
Quick, accurate & easy!
All you provide is the center-lines to layout the job (see sample at left).
StrutMaster-3D creates very complex 3D shapes "on the fly".

Also as a free bonus (this release only), you get TubeMaster for free!

TubeMaster will draw any size tubing in 3D, quickly and easily.
You simply pick the center-line representing the shape, enter the size, and the shape is drawn instantly!



Draws struts and connections, in 3D




Program output:

 3D drawings only.

 No Title block

 No B.O.M.


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