DansMark ScaleMaster

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ScaleMaster is the Premier PaperSpace/ModelSpace title border program. You no longer have to understand PaperSpace to master it. This program will do it all for you. Create professional plot-ready drawings in PaperSpace with as many viewports as you want & to any scale factor. A must have! (Don't get left behind). Complete context sensitive Help files.

Annotation in ModelSpace, PaperSpace or both!
One touch PaperSpace print set-up! (so linetypes will plot correctly)

Includes: ModelSpace, PaperSpace, Viewports, & Custom user title block dialogs (all in one). Much, much more. (See: More info)



Set-up drawings to plot from PaperSpace w/ multiple drawings & viewports.




Program output:

 Plot ready drawings

 Title border/blocks

 Professional PaperSpace drawings


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