Below are excerpts from the "Profile-Design'r Help System"

Using the Help System:
          The whole dialog becomes a Help-System, all funtions display help notices.
          The Help System is disengaged, all functions work normally.

Image Button...
          Pick this Image to cycle to the next available Profile-Image
          to update the dialog to that Profile's data.

          Use this Drop-Down List to pick any available Profile
          to update the dialog to that Profile's data.

           This is the USER DEFINED WEIGHT of the current profile.
           (This is Weight per/ft)

          This opens the Open/Save/Delete dialog.
          Users can configure as many different types of Profile data-sets as needed.
          If the \"Name\" edit-box is not defined, the default name is used.
          The \"Open\" button opens the highlighted data, and populates the Profile Designr's dialog.
          The \"Save\" button saves all the current data in the Profile Designr's dialog.
          The \"Delete\" button deletes the currently highlighted data.

Add Profile:
          This is used to add your own Profiles and Images to the data-sets!
          The dialog will be dis-missed and the programming to add your profile will be run. (DO NOT CANCEL ANY OPERATIONS!!!)
          (If you do cancel your data will become corrupt and will become unsuable)
          You can select the profile BLOCK 3 different ways:
          1) Select the profile from a directory.
          2) Select a profile ALREADY in the drawing.
          3) Insert a profile ALREADY in the drawing.
          If you are not sure how to add your own Profile, go the the \"Custom Railing Designr\" website to watch the videos.
          Remember to include both the Elevation & Plan view data, or the Profile will not work correctly!
          The Image is automaticly created and stored in the correct location along with a NEW Profile-Block.
          (The block will be re-named so the railing programs won't confuse your block with the railing profile block)

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