DansMark Make-Icon v3.0

Cost: Ask for details!


  Make_Icon is a New Program from DansMark Software Solutions!

  Make-Icon_v3 creates slides of all drawings in a directory, then creates a Menu to view & insert them with.
  Doesn't matter if there are 1 or 100,000 drawings in the directory, Make-Icon_v3.lsp will create slides of them all!
  Multiple Menus are created in sets of 16 (default) to view all the drawings in each directory.
(If enough customers request it, DMSS will modify this program to add all sub-folders too!)

  The program allows the user to search for a directory of blocks, then creates the Menu & Slides of all drawings in that directory in seconds!

  If you have lots of blocks and want to view them in a dialog that you can pick & insert them into your drawings, then this is the ideal program to use!

Don't forget to see CatalogMaster-3D and CatalogPartMaster!
  These amazing programs create hundreds of part drawings in seconds!
And creates custom .dwg's, .sld, .lsp, .dcl & .scr programs to view & insert all those parts!

  This program creates Slide-Menus that would normally take hours & hours to write!
Automated Slide-Menus as so fast it makes your head spin!



Creates Slide Menus of drawings quickly & easily!.




Program output:

 Drop-down Slide-Menus of your part drawings.

 Complicated Slides of your parts instantly

 No B.O.M.


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