DansMark has started cutting edge programming technology.

Converting drawings to program-code has never been so easy. Even if you have never wrote programming before, you can learn with ease, using Draw-T-Lisp programming service. This programming service was developed with the new programmer in mind. Fast & simple... the DansMark way.

Here are Flash-video samples, as Draw-T-Lisp service as converts drawings, to program-code!
Some of these drawing would take days, and/or weeks, to write the code for, DansMark does it in seconds!

Beam connection. Sample #1 (2,526 kb)

Multiple details of a beam connection. Sample #2 (3,921 kb)

Beams Connecting. Sample #3 (1,638 kb)

Box stair-system elevation. Sample #4 (3,758 kb)

Multiple box-stair stinger details. Sample #5 (3,707 kb)

Column & base-plater details. Sample #6 (2,474 kb)

Beam connecting to walls detail. Sample #7 (3,697 kb)

2 angles connecting to a beam w/ closure-plate. Sample #8 (2,616 kb)

Railing system details. Sample #9 (3,250 kb)

X-Brace details. Sample #10 (2,664 kb)

Don't forget to see this link of a Complex stair system converted to mini-programs!


(This background drawing was produced in conjunction with StairMaster & RailMaster)

As in all of DansMark Software Solutions... Drawing Automation Is The Key!.

See "software upgrade restrictions" in the DansMark Software Solutions License Agreement.