DansMark LadderMaster

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LadderMaster is a complex Visual Lisp program that draws a custom, parametric, cage-ladder to your specifications.

The cage-ladder is fully annotated & dimensioned, and ready for the shop.

Every part is drawn to FULL SCALE!
(For easy checking & referencing)

Complete drawing, with all material, section-marks, part-numbers, weld symbols, B.O.M. & Title-block.

Dialog controlled!

A shop drawing within seconds!
(it takes longer to fill-out a title block, than to set all variables, and draw a custom cage-ladder)

All variables are parametricly joined to each other (change anything, and everything is updated).

Materials Include: Pipe, bar, or tubing, in a variety of shapes and sizes (like square, round, & rectangular).

(See "More info" below, for a more in-depth explanation)




Produces a shop drawing of a cage-ladder, in elevation, side, & 3 sectional views.




Program output:

 Elevation, side & 3 sections views.

 Title block



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