Grid lines:


Field layout drawings

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GridMaster will layout any size column grid to any scale factor. (The grid labels and dimensions are automatically sized to the correct height, along with the column labels)

Start the horizontal and vertical column lines at any letter or number (increments are user controlled).

Control the dimension line offset from the grid. ( Note #1: If the next grid-line is the same as the one before, users can quickly cycle through the information and the layout process is accelerated)

Each grid line distance is user controlled.


Column Layout:


Detailer layout drawings

Check print drawings

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Field layout drawings

The column layout process is fully controlled by the user. (see "Note #1:" above)

Column bases are laid out on the intersection of the column grid by user specifications. User controls of hole size, tear-out, length, and width.

Also, user controls the rotation of the column on the grid intersection. Any angle of rotation can be used.

North arrows to orient the detail drawings.


Anchor Bolt Layout:


For field layout drawing

The anchor bolt layout option is fully automated.

The information that GridMaster writes to the anchor bolt data file is used (at any time) to layout the anchor bolts.

User specified anchor bolt sizes. (Each bolt set can be different)

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