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As time permits, DMSS will be adding to this page.

Drafting To A Whole New Level!
Fast, Simple & Easy! The DansMark Way!

  You are now in the Members Area of the Drawing2Lisp_Converter School's Library!
As a Member you can download any of the AutoLisp Library files available.
Make sure you follow the installation instructions (if it pertains).

  This is the DMSS Programming School Library!
Here users have access to all the code snippets that DMSS has wrote to perform many different programming tasks.
  From simple to very complex, these snippets of code allow users to copy & paste them into their coding project, thus saving many hours of time to complete their tasks!
Read the directions (or watch the video if available), to learn what each snippet is used for.

  There's a wide range of programming functions, from file creation & modification, to .dcl development.
Also, there will be many AutoLisp functions explained with examples of their use.

Download Files Below:
Members can download any of the files in the Drawing2Lisp_Converter Library here.
There are many videos to show how to use these Library code snippets in your coding project!
Please note... Library files will only be displayed when logged-in as a Library Member.

It's the goal of DMSS to help you realize your AutoLisp potential!
Your only limited by your imagination!
The sky's the limit!

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