DansMark EmbedMaster V1.0.0

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  EmbedMaster is a lisp routine that draws any size angle or channel iron you pick from the pop-up menu system, at any angle you pick. (Not a block) Main menu included.

  Plan-views drawn with parametrically detailed shop-drawings, including the B.O.M. (Bill-Of-Materials).
  All clips are user controlled, with copes and mark-numbers auto-controlled (with a re-set for changes in designs).

1) Embed for grating supports.
2) Anywhere Angle-Iron is anchored into concrete for supports.
3) All kinds of applications that require Channel-Iron beams!
(And channel-to-channel connections with clips!)

  User defines what is to be drawn.
1) Plan-views
2) Elevation-views (Shop Drawings).
3) Both 1 & 2 above!
4) Full help-system (Help check-box "checked" disengages all functions and the dialog becomes a full help-system).
5) Slides in the image_tile showing what each function is used for (visual reference).
6) Once the material and view(s) are selected, the dialog is dismissed and the items are drawn (see 1, 2 & 3 above).

User controls functions:
a) Enter a length (or pick the length manually).
b) Mark-numbers (auto-mark feature included too!).
c) Connections (Concrete, Framed No-Cope, and Framed Coped).
   (also featuring 2 different ways for wedge-anchoring
   both angle & channel iron into concrete).
d) Clip-sizes (also this-side, far-side or both-sides).
e) C/C on 2 clip method (incorporating auto G.O.L.).



Draws Angle-Iron or Channel-Iron in a plan and/or elevation (shop drawing).




Program output:


 Shop Drawings



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