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LadderMaster will handle most all your Cage-Ladders for you... in seconds!

Cage-Ladders are drawn in real-time, real size (if it don't work here, it won't work in the shop!).
There are lots of materials to choose from, everything is parametricly connected.

All holes, allow for bolt clearances, using steel manual G.O.L's & Ga.'s.

It is so... easy!
Anyone can do it!

You can draw your Ladders in Elevation-view, Side-view, & 3 sectional-views, including a complete B.O.M..

But first you must decide what type of materials your Cage-Ladder will use.

Start the process (in any order):

Enter the Total height into the "Total (A)" edit_box
(adjusting this setting will also change the "T/O Landing (B)" edit_box).

Or, Enter the height to top of landing into the "T/O Landing (B)" edit_box.
(adjusting this setting will also change the "Total (A)" edit_box).

Or, Enter the head clearance into the "Head Clearance (C)" edit_box.

Next, Enter the clearance to the bottom of the 1st hoop into the "B-hoop/Floor (H)" edit_box.

Below the "Height from f.f." section of the dialog, are letters with numbers to the right of them, these represent all the distances & material sizes (for quick glance)used in the creation of the Cage-Ladder.

There are also 5 other major sections "Legs", "Rungs", "Brackets", "Hoops" & "Safety-Bars".
Each of these sections must be picked before the dialog will let the user continue.
All these sections will be explained later...
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This release (v1.0.0.0) will have only the options shown.
Other options added, as customers request them.

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