DansMark TextMachine v2.0.0

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  TextMachine is a New Program from DansMark Software Solutions!

TextMachine creates 2D Text for use on Cast-Stone Drawings (any drawing or block).
Great for adding large quantities of text to your drawings!

The program gives the user a wide variety of options!

There are 5 main functions to TextMachine.

1) Available Text
2) Properties
3) New data
4) Style
5) Help

1) Available Text
  This is a list-box displaying all of the availible text.
Simply pick the text to automatically add to the drawing (hit the "Cancel" button when done).
Each pick consecutively adds the text to the drawing! (as a "new" line-of-text)

2) Properties
  There are 4 parts to this function:
a) Size:
    Size of text (reads the current dimscale, also users can define the size)
b) Rotation:
    Rotation of text (defaults to 0.0)
c) Justification:
    Justifies the text (pick from the current available options)
d) Caps:
    Caps are used if checked

3) New Data
  There are 2 parts to this Function:
a) Add:
    Type new text into this edit-box, then hit "Enter" to add the text to the available text list!
b) Pick:
    If you have a text entity in you drawing you want to add to the data,
    use this button!
    This will dismiss the dialog, then you simply pick the text entity
    and the dialog will re-open to continue.

4) Style
    This displays the current Text-Style, pick the "Change" button to change
    to the current available styles.

5) Help
    Displays help for each option.
    Pick an option, then pick the "help" button to display what that function does!

Don't forget to view all the sample CastStone jobs that the TextMachine help create! (see "Sample" at left-side)

  Create lots of text in drawings quickly!
Fast, easy and accurate!



Creates realistic drawings quickly & easily!.




Program output:

 Used in Elevation, plan, & shop drawings.

 Complicated Text-lines instantly

 No B.O.M.


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