DansMark StoneStairMaster v1.0.1

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  StoneStairMaster is a New Program from DansMark Software Solutions!
5 second 3D-Stairs!
It is absolutely incredible!

  StoneStairMaster quickly creates 3D Stairs, and a complete concrete-base.
  And as a bonus, the program groups all the parts together (like a block) so the user can move/copy the stairs (or concrete-base) to any location desired.

  Also, the stair can be used to automatically create 4 2D-views of the part (place them separately in individual paperspace-title blocks, to scale, ready for annotation & printing.

All the parts are spaced 1/4" off the concrete-base, and 1/4" from each other for grout!

As an additional option:
  DMSS will create up to 9-views of the part (using CatalogPartMaster), then w-block the parts to a block directory, where all 9-views are be stored.
Then create custom a program to insert up to 9-views of the part!.
(the views are Front, Top, Left, Right, Section, Isometric, 3D, and "optional" Front-Mask, and Top-Mask).

Many more options to come!

Sample dwg's

Sample Stair&Base


Creates 3D parts, & optional multi-view drawings.




Program output:

 Optional Elevation, plan, & shop drawings.

 Complicated 3D-Stair systems

 No B.O.M.


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