DansMark SlideMaster v2.0.0

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  SlideMaster is a lisp routine that uses the drawings produced with CatalogMaster-3D & CatalogPartMaster to create all the slides and associated programs (.lsp, .dat, .scr & .dcl) that users can insert their part-view blocks with, in a single dialog (see Sample).

  SlideMaster cycles through all the directories creating slides of each part, and then creates a lisp program (and the matching ".dcl" dialog & associated files) that displays all the parts from all the different directories your part-views are in.

  The custom program that SlideMaster creates, reads each part-category and allows the drafter to insert up to 9 views of each part into a drawing (2 views are optional).
  Add a little more programming, and the parts can be made to interact with other parts, even create complex drawings.

This is how it works:
  SlideMaster searches each individual directory (with up to 9 subdirectories), for parts, and creates a Visual-Lisp program to control all the parts in those directories.
  A ".dat" file is then created of all the parts, then SlideMaster opens each part, creates an image (.sld) of each part, and creates a Visual-Lisp (.lsp), & Dialog (.dcl) program to show all the part views, in each of the subdirectories.
  When the user opens the SlideMaster program, the user can see each part, in any view just by picking it! (up to 9 views: Front, Top, Left, Right, Section, Isometric, 3D, Front-Mask, Top-Mask).
Front-Mask and Top-Mask are optional!

  Pick the front-view, the image changes to the front-view, pick the top-view and the image changes to the top-view, ect...
Click "Ok", and the user inserts the part in the desired view.
Saves Cad designers hundreds of hours a year!

Front-Mask and Top-Mask are 2D drawings that simulate 3D drawings! Really Cool!
They cover everything behind them, eliminating then need to trim! What a time saver!

Example of how the user's program works:
  The CAD designer opens the desired SlideMaster program from a drop-down list of SlideMaster programs in the standard AutoCAD menu (located in the top portion of the screen).
  The part-program is a dialog that shows all the parts in that category as an image. Just open the program click the part you want to use (either click the image to cycle to the next available part, or pick the part from a drop-down list), then pick the view you want to use and click the Ok button.
  Now place the part in the drawing at the desired location, and rotate to the desired position. Simple!
  Some, or all of the parts, can have additional Visual-lisp programming that controls the behavior of the part.
Most parts can have additional programming that controls any condition of the part. Longer, wider, deeper (X,Y,Z values), or controls how the part is to react as other parts are placed in the drawing.

Your only limited by your imagination!
The sky's the limit!



Draws shapes in elevation, plan, and/or shop drawings.




 Program output:

 9 Orthographic Modes.

 Elevations drawings.

 Plan drawings.

 Shop Details.


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