DansMark CatalogMaster-3Dv1.0

Cost: Per drawing
(see below)

Complete Process


CatalogMaster is a New Service from DansMark Software Solutions!

  CatalogMaster is a complex assortment of Autolisp routines, VBA, C+, & Diesel-Script, that creates (4) 2D drawings, from your 3D part.
Then, sets-up a 4-view drawing into a Catalog Drawing (or Index Drawing) of each part.
(See the sample at the left-side of this page for a tour of how this process is done)

If you don't have the 3D part, DMSS can create them for you (priced by the hour for each part).

Also as an added service, CatalogPartMaster creates 7 (up to 9 optional) separate views of each part, and w-blocks (saves) each view to it's own directory.

  After all the drawings have been converted to 2D, and the Catalog Drawing has been made and saved, SlideMaster searches the directories, and creates slides (.sld) of all the parts, then creates a "dat" file with a list of all the parts.
Then a custom lisp program, and a ".dcl" dialog is created for each group (directory) of parts(see Sample).

Watch the "Complete Process" video (at left), to see the all these parts and programs being creating automatically!

Programming Automation, the DansMark Way!

You get:
1) A catalog drawing of each part ready to print.
2) A catalog directory of parts (catalog drawing parts, that are grouped together into directories, with other similar parts).

3) creates up to 9 directories of part views (as each part is catalog'd, up to 9 views are created, and w-blocked to it's "similar parts" directory).
4) A custom Autolisp program (.lsp), for each category of parts.
5) A custom Dialog program (.dcl) to control the Autolisp program with.
6) Up to 9 Slides (.sld) of each part (that shows each view, of the part in the dialog's image_button).
To better explain this process click here! CatalogPartMaster

The cost is $20.00 per part (10 parts min. for free custom autolisp & dialog program).
Plus you get an extra program you can edit to do many different functions too!
(Like arrays, adding other part-views from other directories to create complicated drawings, just to name a couple)
With you supplying the 3D part.

The creation of each 3D part is extra (by the hour).

Over a hundred parts gets a discounted "pro-rate"!
Call or email for details!



Creates a Catalog drawing, with 4 views.




Program output:

 Elevation, plan, & catalog/shop drawings.

 Title block

 No B.O.M.


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