DansMark CastStone-Trim v1.0.1

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  CastStone-Trim is a New Program from DansMark Software Solutions!
And has 1,000's of drawings ready to insert into your current drawings!
It is absolutely incredible how fast and easy this program helps produce Shop & Fabrication Drawings!

  CastStone-Trim quickly creates all your drawings, just pick the part-drawing, then pick the view to insert into your drawing.
  And as a bonus, the program will allow you to install YOUR PART DRAWING into the program, giving you complete control of what the parts the program uses!

  Also, the program creates 4 5 2D-views, 3D-views & Isometric-views of each part (place them separately or in conjunction with other parts to quickly create detail drawings.

All parts have 7 different views!
Front-Mask, and Top-Mask (2 Additional 3D-simulated, 2D-views) can be purchased separately (no additional programming required!).
(See "Sample of Trim Jobs" at left)
These are design drawings created using CastStone-Trim (and all the other DansMark CastStone products).

As an additional option:
  DMSS will create up to 9-views of YOUR parts (using CatalogPartMaster), then w-block the parts to a block directory, where all 9-views are be stored.
Then create custom a program to insert all 9-views of the part!.
(the views are Front, Top, Left, Right, Section, Isometric, 3D, and "optional" Front-Mask, and Top-Mask).

Many more options to come!

Sample of Trim Jobs

Sample of Trim Program


Creates all parts views, & optional mask-view drawings.




Program output:

 Optional Elevation, plan, & shop drawings.

 Complicated part systems

 B.O.M. Optional


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