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Please Note: These are MY inventions, not yours!
Don't steal my hard work, try using your brains for GOOD, not evil!

Blind Squirrel Billiards
This where all the Blind Squirrel Products are located

I'm an avid pool player & amature inventer.
I have many inventions I've created to help players make balls easily.
I've got a few inventions that will help your game dramaticly!
There's really nothing to playing pool, you just have to "learn how" to play correctly.

I want YOU to become all the pool player you can be!
Playing pool really is easy! You just have to learn a few very simple methods to become a better player.
Don't let the "hater's" tell you my products won't help your game, they're just jealous because they have no imagination and don't have the brain facilities for invention.
If you let me, I will increase your skill level by 2-3 levels from where your at now.
Your game "is about to change..."
After my training if they ask "Got game?"     just show them...

My Billiard Products

Android Apps:
1) Blind Squirrels Ring Game    Updated: 1-15-2020
2) Blind Squirrels Ghost     Updated: 1-31-2020
(I have many other Android apps I created, stay tuned for other Billiard apps)

Download APK's:
Latest version (Beta Tesing):
Testing is over.
Check back often to see when the app will be availible in the Google Play Store.
Blind Squirrels Ring Game    V1.03

  Even if your not playing ring games you can still test my app.
Run the app like you were playing and give me feedback about it.
About Blind Squirrel's Ring Game

Aiming Devices:
Rack Attack Pro
Squirrelly Rack
Squirrelly Rack II
Game Changer Beginner
Game Changer Amateur
Game Changer Pro

Mechanical Devices:
Link text

Training Videos:
  These Training methods will teach you everything you need to know about shooting pool.
They are designed to help you at your skill level, and will increase your skills the more you practice.
  I taught these methods to many of my players when I was in the APA's Sandbagging League (Don't play their league anymore).
If you give me a chance, you can become a great player too...
Blind Squirrel's Training Videos

  All these T-Shirts are completely customizeable.
You can add about anything to a T-Shirt (front, back and sleeves).
Also any Quotes & Sayings you want to add or change.
Create your own T-Shirt to reflect your view's and/or skill level!
Shut-Up-Crybaby (Most Popular)

Please Note:
Hate'rs are going to read whatever they want to into all this!
Don't believe everything you hear, use your brains and find the answers for yourself!

Send me an email if you would like to try my products.
You'll be able to order any of my inventions from this website.
If you give me a chance, I'll make a great player of you.

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